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The name is King of Clean wasn’t chosen just to pretend to sound important. In the contrary, the founder chose it and made it his mission to leave any and all places spotless. By using his secret formulated products all dirt and pollutants that have accumulated in your carpets come right off leaving the carpets like new at no risk to your health. All products are eco-friendly.

Watch the following videos for your assurance that our service is worth investing on.

Don’t get scammed. There are many competitors in this same industry. However, most won’t tell you the true cost of a service until it’s too late for you to back out. They might promise a complete cleaning for half the cost which because you are in a tight budget, this option sounds great. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it they either used cheap products which a month later you’re having to call them for another service or maybe you go to sit on your couch and its soaking wet. These are things that many people are having to go through on a daily basis because these “experts” are just money hungry.

The following videos have been posted to raise awareness of these scammers and hope